The ALS Foundation Netherlands (Stichting ALS Nederland) is expanding its Scientific Board with new members. On this page you find the criteria and requirements to apply for a position on this board.

Stichting ALS Nederland is a fundraising organization. With donations from individuals and companies in the Netherlands the foundation finances projects aiming to find a cause of or solution from ALS/MND and projects focusing on a better care or quality of life of people living with ALS/MND today. The foundation is not financially supported by the government.

Members of the Scientific Board are assigned to assess grant applications that are submitted to the foundation. Grants are awarded to national and international scientific and non-scientific projects in the field of ALS/MND, in order to meet the main goal: A world without ALS.

The Scientific Board

The Scientific Board of the foundation currently exists of nine members, mainly neurologists.

In order to optimize the choice as to whether or not to award a grant, the foundation is looking to expand its board with medical scientist from other disciplines than neurologists. As of 2018 the foundation is therefore recruiting the following specialists:

  • Epidemiologist (Epidemioloog);
  • Geneticist (Geneticus);
  • Statistician (Statisticus);
  • Rehabilitation doctor (Revalidatiearts);
  • Molecular biologist (Moleculair bioloog);
  • ENT specialist (KNO-arts);
  • Immunologist (Immunoloog);
  • Nursing scientist (Verplegingswetenschapper);
  • Health scientist (Gezondheidswetenschapper).

Scientific board members should be qualified specialists active in science and preferably connected to a professional medical organization.

Scientific board members should be able to assess projects in at least two of the following project types: Genetics; Clinical trial; Imaging; Basic research; Epidemiologic research; International cooperation; Patient care; Research equipment

Scientific board members are appointed for maximum two periods of four years. If a member is no longer active in science, this member will resign.


Scientific board members can receive a compensation of 250 euros for an assessment.


If you are interested in joining the Scientific Board please send your resume and a brief motivation stating for what type of projects you would be able to do assessments to [email protected] Together with patient organization ALS Patients Connected we will, within a month after your application, decide on your admittance to the Scientific Board.