On this page you can apply for a grant from Stichting ALS Nederland (the ALS Foundation Netherlands). Below you find the criteria to apply, the submission dates and information on how to apply for a grant. We kindly ask you to thoroughly read this information.

In order to meet our main goal: a world without ALS, Stichting ALS Nederland provides grants to national and international scientific and non-scientific projects in the field of ALS, PLS and PSMA.

We only accept grant applications of projects that:

  • Focus on the cause or solution of ALS;
  • Focus on improving the quality of life and care of current patients and their family / relatives;
  • Are aimed at patients as a group (and not at individual patients);
  • Are unique (i.e. are not being conducted anywhere else in the world).

Please note that applications by foreign institutions can only be co-financed to a maximum of 50% of the total project costs.

Financing innovative multi-year project GoALS

We believe that a breakthrough in scientific research into the cause and cure of ALS is closer than ever. Together with the ALS Patient Association and the ALS Centre in Utrecht, we are joining forces to accelerate this breakthrough by realizing an innovative and ambitious multi-year plan: GoALS. The coming five years, we are financially commited to this multi-year project. A large part of the funds we raise will be granted towards GoALS. We will keep accepting grant applications that meet the conditions as described above, as long as the project within the application does not show any similarities to projects within GoALS.

Submission dates

Grant applications are processed and assessed two times a year. Deadlines:

  • 15th of March
  • 30th of September

After receiving your application we will:

  1. Check if the application form is filled in correctly
  2. If your application meets the criteria mentioned above

Your application will be assessed by at least 2 members of our Scientific Advisory Committee as well as our Patient Advisory Board. Both boards assess different aspects of your application.

Based on the outcome of the assessments, the board of Stichting ALS Nederland will decide whether the grant will be provided. We aim to complete the procedure (starting from one of the official submission dates) within three months.


You can apply for a grant in two steps:

  1. Fill in our standard Grant Apllication form
  2. Upload the Grant Application form via our Online Application System

If you have any questions concerning this procedure please contact us at [email protected].