Grants / Subsidies

If you wish to apply for a grant from Stichting ALS Nederland (ALS Foundation Netherlands), please take notice of the following information.


Stichting ALS Nederland provides grants to national and international scientific and non-scientific projects in the field of ALS, PLS and PSMA, in order to meet our main goal: A world without ALS

We only accept grant applications of projects that:

  • focus on the cause or solution of ALS or;
  • focus on a better care or quality of life of people living with ALS today;
  • are aimed at patients as a group (and not at individual patients);
  • are submitted by professional applicants;
  • fit our research agenda;
  • are unique (i.e. are not being conducted anywhere else in the world).

Projects should fit within one of these categories:

  1. Scientific: Basic research (lab, genetics and translational);
  2. Scientific: Clinically applied research (medication, progression and spread of disease, with outcome measures such as survival, disease progression);
  3. Scientific: Clinically applied research (paramedical, psychosocial, tools, with outcome measures such as quality of life, quality of care, burden of disease, well-being of informal caregivers and other relatives);
  4. Non-scientific: Innovations and implementations for an improved quality of care;
  5. Non-scientific: Innovations and implementations for an improved quality of life.

Submission dates

You can submit your grant application at any time. However, in 2020 grant applications will be processed and assessed three times a year:

  • 1st of March
  • 1st of May
  • 1st of September

As of 2021 grant applications will only be processed and assessed two times a year:

  • 1st of March
  • 1st of September


When we receive your application we will first check if the application form is filled in correctly, if your application meets the criteria mentioned above and if fits into one of the categories.

Depending on the category of your project, your application will then be send for assessment to three members of our Scientific Board (not applicable for categories d and e) and to the Patient Advisory Board of ALS Patients Connected. Both boards assess different aspects of your application. We especially advise you to take note of the aspects of the Patient Advisory Board assessment and take these into account in your application.

Based on the outcome of the assessments, Stichting ALS Nederland will then decide if a grant is approved and will inform you accordingly.

We aim to complete the procedure (starting from one of the official submission dates) within two months.


You can apply for a grant in two steps:

Step 1: fill in our standard Grant Apllication form

Step 2: upload the Grant Application form via our Online Application System


If you have any questions please send an e-mail to